We are a sunny, smiley, and bright yellow dessert truck based out of Kennebunk, Maine. Founded in 2018, our goal is to make the world a little bit sweeter, one delicious dessert at a time. 

About Us

Meet The Owner:
Maxim LeBlanc

Hello! My name is Max LeBlanc, and I created Maxim’s Desserts when I was Eighteen as a way to pay for my upcoming years at Brandeis University. It has since grown beyond my wildest dreams, and I’ve been growing with it. I like to joke that with all the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into it, Maxim’s is a little piece of me, after all, we do share a name. It represents not only my infamous sweet tooth, but my vision for a world I’d like to live in. One filled with smiles, sugar, and a rainbow of color.

Our Story

       Maxim’s was created as a singular idea, the Pie-Cone. After the owner, Max LeBlanc, created the dessert on his lunch break one day, it quickly became an infamous treat for his family and friends. Now, it is enjoyed by thousands, and Max couldn’t be any happier to share his creation with the world. 

     Maxim’s represents a piece of it’s creators personality, hence the blinding yellow paint job (Max’s favorite color). More than that, Maxim’s Desserts locally sourced ingredients represent Max ‘s wicked big love for his home state. You won’t find anything for sale that isn’t sourced from within Maine’s borders. 


What's A Pie Cone?

Austin, TX
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One of the best dessert places I've ever been to. Pie and ice cream in a cone?! What's not to love! They have a great variety of pie and ice creams to chose from. The staff is very helpful in creating great pair.
Ashley Y.
Ashley Y.
Westland, MI
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I was in town for the week of the 4th and heard about this ice cream and pie place... It was AMAZING!!! I've never had anything like it and the combo of pie and ice cream is absolutely perfect! This is a MUST for anyone in Kennebunkport!
Ellen S.
Ellen S.
Boston, MA
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Extraordinary!!! What could be better than delicious pie and delicious ice cream mixed together and served in a waffle cone!!! Don't miss this!!!
A Key Lime Coconut PIe Cone


Maxim’s signature original dessert is a new twist on an old classic. Made entirely with local ingredients, our creation consists of  local Maine made ice cream and Valley View Orchard Pies. The Pie-Cone itself is a waffle cone with crushed pie filling and crust coating the inside, ice cream in the middle, and more pie sprinkled on top, all made to order. It’s Pie A La Mode, A La Cone, On The Go! With over 100 possible combinations for you to enjoy in either a Pie Cone or Shake, the possibilities are endless. We know you’ll love this delectable treat, but don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews!

MAxim's Desserts


Contact Information


Phone: +1 207-710-1891

Email: MaximsDesserts@Gmail.Com